Withered - Despair Unveiled Şarkı Sözleri

Despair Unveiled

Emptiness, hungry you walk with me
even though I am not enough to ease your hunger.
Loneliness, a fulfilled feeling to feed with my agony.
Despair, you guide me through the darkest night.
Though hungry you are not you make me see
that I am still alone, and alone I shall forever be.

Hope, my friend, the bringer of dreams,
the bringer of disappointment.
The dreams wither away
but return unveiling their disguises.
Night, my only true friend,
the horizon of my soul.
hatred, you clothe me in the cold air of the night.

The distant horizon seems brighter
but the storms of the past screams before me.
Though these plains I have so often travelled
they are forever changing.
In the cold darkness that lies ahead of me
shine vast, challenging eyes.
Warning me of the illusions to come...

I look back and see
the moon shining bright over the cliffs.
Where the wolves slept so peacefully
after orchestrating my dreams.

Though so far, it seems so close to me
And I know I will return within long time.

When the curtains are dropped
I behold my despair unveiled.
And I am ready to return...
They come at me to feed upon my wretched flesh
as I lie bloodless in a bliss.
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