Withered - The Midnight Gate Şarkı Sözleri

Deep in the dark lights flicker like distant candles,
lit by buried hope and faded dreams.
Through the trees they shine vaguely, enchanting me,
and the past is before me.
My weakness reveals to me a sea of echoing screams,
in awe I listen and hear that the screams are mine,
tortured, and the tormentor laughs with my voice...

Stay away!
Cease your singing dark sirens.
An orchestra of slaves.
As the conductor and the slave I find myself lost.

Dream and hope, you have dragged me through the gate
each night as sleep comes for me.
I have forgotten the face but I remember the voice. I scream in the key of your fading voice,
the screams fade with the wind.
The winds of the past take me.

I fly on the wings of the wind and observe the past,
see the vultures circling constantly above.
The face is on the distant horizon, looking over with regret (?)
The eyes shine profoundly with the candles my death has lit.

No! Stay away!
You shall not lure me through the gate of midnight.
The gate of betrayal, hope and dreams.
I am lost and lost I shall remain!

The midnight gate, the gate to past dreams, stands before me.
Leading me to my trodden paths.

Temptations haunting me, I do yearn to relive the past...
Can I rest, can I hide in the dark forever?
The face in the sky, I remember, and howling from the dream.
Here I shall remain, nameless and lost!
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