Lachrimatory - Void Şarkı Sözleri

Let me wander your world
Let my shattered carcass reach you
Walk through the time
That seems so unequal

Let me get into your world
I am your elementary pain
And none shall interrupt us
Nothing belonging to us will be shared

Infinity is empty
A place where despondency finds the deepest pain
And in its perfect beauty
Intense negativity is persistent

At this moment, death does not seems to be so untouchable
And life does not sings or shines, no longer

I'm admiring you
I see your smiling face
Now perpetually joined
And forever forgotten
Amidst dead trees and voracious vultures

The nothingness of any alive soul
In a place where only I can attain
This putrid, athirst and chill soul of mine
Sinks in its cravings
And barely waits to reach you there
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