Withered - Clamor Beneath Şarkı Sözleri

I've seen you watch the suffering within your world of hope
Your tears rinse away the shame you've felt from long ago
Your time has been spent seeking the path to righteousness
Each tear will bring you your reward of higher consciousness

Eyes, burn, eyes, numb

You clamor, strive to keep the grace of narcissistic peers
They watch you, misshapen & distorted through their callous tears

Sufferers, distraught with self pity
Cleansing your pain with empty tears
Mass congregation, breeding ignorance
Corrupting the path, like those before you

Each day i wake, i suffer moments of clarity
Moments of realization and truth
I look out upon the masses, i look down upon the masses
Sympathy sways to disregard

The weight of humanity presses upon me
Thorns of contempt and of disgust
Strip away all my compassion
Caricatures, in words and deeds

Eyes, burn, numb
Drown in tears
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